Ad Aware Plus Review

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Ease of Use


Low Price


Click Here For Fully-Functional 30-Day Trial of Ad Aware Plus

Is Ad Aware Plus a Scam?  Is Ad-Aware Plus Safe to Install?  Any Complaints?

According to both our personal experience and consumer feedback across the web, Ad-Aware Plus is completely safe and easy to install and does its job very effectively.


-Consumers almost unanimously agree that it’s the best adware software available today.

-Fully-functional 30-day trial of Ad Aware Plus is available.  Please click here to download the free trial.

NOTE:  For the perfect combination for getting rid of malware, we suggest that you also download the completely free software Spybot Search & Destroy from here.  Ad Aware and Spybot work especially well together.  Here are examples of what people are saying about this combo:

“I use Spybot and Adware SE together. First I run spybot, it finds most bad things. Then I update and run adware in all three modes: Smart, full system, and ADS. This usually gets rid of everything bad.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Yahoo Answers

“Adaware and Spybot s&d co-exist very well together. Both are great programs and compliment each other quite well.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Techimo[dot]com



None Noted

Customer Feedback / Comments:

“Ad-Aware has always worked great for me…” — Actual Consumer Comments from Techimo[dot]com

“Ad-Aware has my vote, and it’s updated too, so it’s a good prog…” — Actual Consumer Comments from Techimo[dot]com

“Ad-aware is great I use it a lot.” — Actual Consumer Comments from YouGamers[dot]com

Merchant & Website:

Lavasoft AB at Lavasoft[dot]com


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Customer Support:

Phone, Email, Fax, Forum, Postal Mail

Visit the Ad Aware Plus Website

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